Lar is a product-oriented developer with ten years of experience helping businesses solve problems with code. A systems thinker, he is most comfortable on cross-functional teams where collaboration across a variety of roles is key to success. Lar spent two years at Hashrocket, one of the top Ruby on Rails shops. He went on to work on projects with respected companies like Cloud City, Thunderbolt Labs and Bendyworks. Lar has been building things on the internet for over half his life. He’s been developing applications professionally since 2007.



2014 - Present
Code Confab

A web development agency specializing in DevOps, distributed systems and product-oriented software development for clients in a variety of industries including retails, real estate, sports analytics & video streaming. As the lead on all development projects Lar helped clients:

  • Simplify a tightly-coupled service oriented architecture for a video streaming platform
  • Save 60k/year on AWS costs while improving operational capabilities
  • Scale and improve reliability of distributed systems
  • Define requirements and build products that drive revenue
  • Migrate platforms and introduce tools to better meet business need


2007 - 2014
Cymatic Consulting

Worked as an independent consultant on projects for startups and bootstrapped companies including:

  • An early version of the Lifebooker booking engine
  • A mobile Project Guttenberg ebooks reader for Spreadsong
  • A prototype for a niche social network based on exchanging fashion advice


2009 - 2011

Started the company as a junior developer, ultimately becoming a tech lead leading teams and working with clients to drive project requirements, features that met business objectives. Worked on emerging projects like the first large-scale enterprise Mongo DB. Experienced in a variety of domains and industries including healthcare, ecommerce, sports, and dating. Clients ranged from startup to mid-sized growing businesses. Brought several clients into the company.

Interim CTO


First software developer of the company, brought in to build the first version of the company’s platform. As the tech lead, worked with the CEO to set technical priorities, and to hire and onboard the tech team. Shipped two major versions of the product within six months allowing the company to raise $7.8 million Series A.

Creative Director

2007 - 2008

Responsible for front-end development, UX and UI working in Ruby on Rails. Worked in the first version Rails 1.0. Played a key role in driving the development of client apps for 1-800 flowers, True Value Hardware and the Gift of Life as well as the Sympact Dynamic Imaging Platform.

Skills & Proficiency

Ruby - Rails / Sidekiq / Middleman

Javascript - Vue.js / React.js / Webpack

DevOps - Terraform / Consul / Ansible

Cloud Platforms - AWS / Heroku / Rackspace

Architecture - Distributed Systems / Microservices

Databases - Postgres / MongoDB / Redis / ElasticSearch

Frontend - HTML5 / CSS / d3.js

Process - Lean / XP / Agile